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Londerzeel, 1840

+32 471 80 59 45

Multimedia Studio 

'GRiD' is an abbreviation for Graphical Information Design. It is a studio which manages your project from A to Z. Our goal is to enhance digital identities, set-up and revamp web services and visualize your brand philosophy. 


In an era of great digital expansion, we strongly believe that the need to visualise your unique story is greater than ever to differentiate your business. We are digital storytellers. Let us focus on your unique business.

Ben Hellinckx

Founder of GRiD

Graphic designer & video

As a dynamic designer, I am obsessed with emerging technologies. Yet I understand how difficult it is to keep up with evolving media possibilities. In a battle against information overload, I want to help passionate companies prioritise, simplify and present their information in a lightly, exciting or bold way.

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Lize Seghers

Marketing Specialist

As a marketing enthousiast, I’m eager to stay up to date on every social media platform and their applications. I feel the need to try them out in my spare time and learn how they work and then use the knowledge to help other companies on their way in the social side of the world. The digital world is here to stay and I do believe that there are new things to learn from every day.



We already had the privilege to work with these international companies. Make sure to have a look at our detailed overview per case in our portfolio

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