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Wijnkasteel Genoels-Elderen


Revamp the companies digital Identity by visualizing some key moments and creating a 'one-stop-shop' by merging all services.


Dynamic & Aerial Filming
Webshop and separated B2B webshop
Integrated Booking application
New communication plan wit newsblogs to 'pull traffic'
Linking Google bussinessprofile to manage reviews in back-end
Expanding mail servers.
Installing automations to request reviews, send blog promotions & to deliver confirmations to the client.


Ongoing - Launch early 2024

For the past three decades, Belgium's most prestigious wine chateau, Genoels-Elderen, has been producing some of the best wines in Benelux. They restored a centuries-old wine estate and created a high-quality product, and gave us the opportunity to revamp their digital identity by visualizing the domain, its heritage and all the services it provides. By merging their digital platforms, we created a user-friendly front-end for the clients and a user-friendly dashboard (back-end) for Genoels-Elderen to manage their digital presence, all in one place.

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